Party themes



Wild and Crazy Wearables:  This is my current favorite party theme and has been one of the favorites with people of all ages for years.  In this party I make really weird and funky hats, costumes, and/or wrist wearables for the guests that creates a sea of color and motion which makes for great photo opportunities and shall be remembered for quite some time after the party is over. This works just as well for adults as it does with children, because it’s an icebreaker and brings out the kid in everyone.  The price is $150 an hour.  An hour seems to be good for about 15 kids.

Pool Party Balloons:  Back this summer is the Pool Party Balloons.  In this party theme I make some of the biggest balloon ride-insides that you have ever seen.  Think giant floaties for the kids that actually float them.  Yes, that’s right.  As long as they don’t dive with them on the balloons actually float the kids (and adults too).  This is a really unique party theme and has been getting great reactions by kids and adults alike.  The price is $150 per hour and I can make 8-10 balloon creations in an hour.





Party without the Balloon Guy:  The Balloon Guy seems to be everywhere these days, but he still has not perfected cloning so he cannot be in more than one place at one time.  When this happens we suggest the “Party without the Balloon Guy”.  We make up a number of balloons and put them in a bag and deliver them to your house so you can give them out to your guests when the party is coming to a close.


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