Howdy everyone, my name is Ryan Lavallee.  I’m better known throughout Hampton Roads as Ryan “The Balloon Guy” because of my profession.  I’ve been twisting balloons for a hobby about thirteen years now and been doing this as a job for the past six.  It has been a great time meeting all sorts of new faces and being invited to events all over the place, even various parts of the world. 

During the summer of 2003 I ventured to Europe to visit friends and get some life experiences.  You bet I brought some balloons with me, which helped me immensely because I could not get a job legally over there so during the summer I twisted on the streets of Denmark, Sweden, and Poland.  It was a strange experience to say the least, because I don’t speak any of their languages.  The coolest part about the ballooning experience over there was being able to break language barriers with something as simple as a twisted balloon.  The result was the same as over here….a smile.

The winter was too cold for outdoor crowds so I adapted to the bar and disco scene. Both venues were really fun and I learned alot from both of them.

I returned to the US with a new sense of purpose and knew at least in part what I wanted to do.  I have been doing it ever since, twisting balloons for people and bringing them smiles.

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